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Jesus prayed that the people who believe in Him – or claim to belong to Him – would be ONE. Thousands of denominations make it crystal clear that His prayer wasn’t answered. Why not? Couldn’t He just mash us all together into a lump of pieces-parts? Well, He could, I suppose, force us into unity and threaten those who wouldn’t comply with severe punishment immediately so everyone could tell who was messing things up.  But His way always involves choice – until, I guess, choice is no longer available. Why INDIVISIBLE?

Short answer? We are the Body of Christ – and everyone wants their body to stay in one piece. That challenge is not to be someone/something we’re not – it’s to be something we are. ONE! Since God is One, since the Spirit is One, since the Trinity is One – and there is ONE Lord, ONE faith, ONE baptism, ONE God and Father of us all – it must be possible!
Clarity: Being ONE is not about grinding everything down to the lowest common denominator. The unifying factor seems to be the conviction that Jesus is the Son of God and really did show up here and give His life!