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Seeing Things As They Really Are

Every day, we have people who are quite anxious to tell us how things are, what we ought to be concerned about, what we need to do, what causes we need to support, how we ought to think about our money, our bodies, our work, our children, and our world. You know, what matters and what really doesn’t matter! News, government, social media, friends, teachers, ads – everyone wants to shape the way we think – knowing that it will influence how we spend, how we live, what we do, what we watch – and ultimately – who we are. What is almost completely missing in this – is God’s perspective – that it, the bigger picture, what He’s up to in our world, in others, and in who we are and who we were intended to be – and, especially, Who He is! See, the Word of God is powerful! It’s sharp and incisive; it explores the parts of our lives that no one sees. It brings hope and reality and comfort to the darkness and confusion. There’s only one way to receive this perspective and adjust your life around it, and that’s to develop the discipline of reading it; thinking about it; hiding it in your soul – letting it wash your mind and expose the untruths that lodge there and pull us off on detours.