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PEACE… When There’s Chaos in Your Home

So, here’s the question; is it only possible to have peace at the core of your life - when there’s peace on the outside - more specifically in your home? Where you live? With the people who surround you - you know, the people you eat supper with, clean up after, share living space with? Having tension where you live and with people you love definitely affects the quality of life. But if peace actually flows from peace with God - then peace at the core is possible. And that’s important, because sometimes God calls you to do things that people you know and love do not understand - and may not like - for years! I’m guessing - that’s what happened to Mary. In that culture, getting pregnant out of wedlock when you’re engaged wasn’t just difficult and inconvenient, like it is in ours. It was literally life-threatening! I can only imagine the tension at the dinner table - and the tension in the tiny shame-based town Mary lived in.  And yet… all she was doing was immensely pleasing to God - and she became the most honoured woman in history! Any tension or drama you have in your home this Christmas is likely no greater than hers. What we have to do is make sure we’re not the cause of the chaos - or making it worse! And that takes humility - something that Mary had. *Go to LAUNCH SERMON PLAYER for PDF and YouTube Podcast