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PEACE… When the Leaders are Crazy, Evil <br/>– or Both!

If you read your history books, the world has always, it seems, had a leader somewhere that was either crazy or evil... usually both. The craziness was usually associated with an obsession for money, sex or power. And leaders that are both crazy and evil - like Hitler - do a  lot of damage and leave a lot of scars. We aren’t the first world to experience crazy leaders - in fact, it was a lot worse in the first century BC. Not only was Herod both crazy and evil, Caesar Augustus was too! The fascinating thing is that as big and well-known as they were then - household names - they’re just footnotes in Jesus’ story.If the Prince of Peace can come - vulnerable and helpless - and die vulnerable, nailed to a cross, and bring peace 2000 years later, it’s pretty clear that crazy, evil leaders who get their money and power by stealing it from others - cannot steal your peace. To hand your peace to them is both crazy… and evil! *Go to LAUNCH SERMON PLAYER for PDF and YouTube Podcast