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Well, the drama and difficult stuff didn’t end at the stable – or with the financial struggle of living as poor people in a strange town and paying taxes. Then Mary and Joseph and Jesus faced danger – from a crazy, evil king! Then they had to escape to the foreign country where their ancestors had been slaves! Then, even though they tried to go and live in the center of their faith, where Jesus could live out His destiny – they were sent back to Gossip Central – to the very place where they had been most understood! Every Christmas, we experience the same. The wonder and excitement of Christmas – and then – January in Toronto! Back to school. Months before the weather will be warm again… and, of course, we have to pay for Christmas. Jesus brings peace to normal, though. And that’s good – because life is mostly about normal. Even now – in the middle of a pandemic when most everything about our lives has changed – Jesus brings peace.

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