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As you know, from Jesus’ biography, there were sane, wise, good leaders in Jesus’ story. The problem is, we don’t know their names, where they came from, or what happened to them after they met and worshipped Jesus. The strange part of this story is that the religious leaders of Israel, the keepers and exegetes of all the sacred writings and prophecies were only 7 miles away from Bethlehem – where Jesus was born and spent His first months of life. And they never even came to see who He was – even though they knew He’d been born. The Magi, or wisemen, as they were known, didn’t follow the God of Israel – and yet they were the ones open to hearing about the Messiah. The back story on what happened is fascinating. You’d think that after a dangerous, expensive journey that took months – they’d be disappointed at finding Jesus – in what would seem to be a very unspectacular place. But their enthusiasm and connection with God, didn’t seem to at all affected. We find God is some very unusual places, too. We just have to be open – and wise enough to see Him – and know Him.

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