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One of the first things people do when they’re confronted with a faceplant – with moral failure – with something they’ve done that’s humiliating, is make excuses. We know this because we’ve all done it! “See, I have this inner pain because my parents…” “Well, I have unmet sexual needs because my wife…” “Well, I experienced abuse as a child, so I…” “I’ve always been attracted to…” “See, my Daddy was an alcoholic, and…” All of those things may be true – and painful – but they are excuses, not reasons for a faceplant, a character-wrecking move. Peter, the author of this chapter, who knew what it was like to do a faceplant – to publicly deny everything he knew to be true, said that God has given us everything we need for living a life of character and depth. Jesus made that possible! So… how in the world does THAT happen?