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Jesus was very clear in telling His Disciples that His new over-arching command for His gathered people, His congregation, was Love one another  as I have loved you! Those were His marching orders. His people were to make war against hatred, lust, greed, power-mongering, jealousy – by loving and counteracting disrespect, thoughtlessness and cruelty with love and grace. As they had received grace, they were to give grace. As they had been forgiven – they were to forgive. As they had been given – they were to be generous with others. As someone had been thoughtful enough to be Good News to them, they were to be Good News to others. As Jesus had served them and given His life for them, they were to serve and give their lives for others. In doing this – in exposing and turning away from selfishness, self-interest, self-preoccupation and self-preservation. we take a narrow path – but it’s intentionally life producing and life giving. In a culture that pushes in the opposite direction – this life attracts and makes gatherings of Jesus’ people irresistibly loving. This is what defined people of a different way – simply called, The Way – in honour of their Lord who was THE Way, THE Truth and THE Life!