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Our lives could be described as a series of intersections. The intersection where we were conceived by our Mom and Dad; the day we were born, the day we were weaned, potty trained, went to nursery school – then JK and SK – and our intersection with learning, with university, with all the people who made a difference in our lives – the list of intersections goes on and on. Most of the books of the Bible are stories of intersections – people intersecting one another, God, and both good things and bad things. And Jesus’ story as told by the Gospels is really a collection of intersections. The people whose lives intersected with Jesus were changed forever; some for better – and some for worse. What is inevitable is that we will go through a number of intersections in our lives. We’ll get clobbered at some of them, broken by others. When God’s grace is allowed into these spaces, what seems like a trainwreck can be totally redemptive!