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Communication is the Key

When people talk about prayer, the question that often comes up is, “What for? You mean things have gotten that bad?” Now, we would never say that about talking with our friends…or our kids…or our spouse. We know that communication is extremely important. It’s how we get to know people. If you’re planning on a long-term intimate, meaningful relationship with anyone, you have to communicate. Lack of communication always creates misunderstandings. So. Prayer isn’t magic. There are no brownie points in Heaven for how long or how well you pray. God hears every prayer – and the prayers of prayer warriors are not better received! Prayer, at it’s core, is talking with God. And, as you know, conversations involve both talking and listening. If you’re more eloquent – it doesn’t mean you have better conversations. It might just mean that you’re better at soap-boxing or pontificating! So, here’s the deal; if you and God are really good friends, why wouldn’t you want to talk to Him and include Him in every conversation? Talking with God is a discipline that will help you in everything you do!