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The most religious, the people who talked about God more than anyone else, and studied the Bible more diligently - and knew the prophecies better than anyone - the best-living people of that day, invaded Jesus’ place of private prayer with His disciples, hauled Him off with the approving kiss of one of His inner circle, held an illegal trial, and manipulated both the Roman governor and the crowd to demand His execution. The irony they missed was that this all took place on Yom Kippur, Passover, the day when the first-born of Egypt died, and God’s people were freed - only by smearing the blood of a lamb over the cross-beams of their doorway. Even before Jesus’ trial and execution - after an avalanche of signs, the demand of the people and the religious leaders was, "Come on, Jesus - just one more sign!" Judas apparently wanted one more sign. Herod Antipas - wanted one more sign. When Jesus stood before the religious professionals, they demanded answers; He gave them silence. When Jesus stood before Pontius Pilate, He was silent. Even when Jesus had been beaten nearly to death and was hanging on the cross, the high priests, Roman executioners and criminals all demanded just one more sign… "if you’re the Son of God, get yourself off the cross!" Jesus’ only answer to their accusations and mockery was, "Father! Forgive them - because they have NO IDEA what they’re doing!" Down through history, that’s been the demand. One more sign. Jesus said, "You’ve seen enough! It’s an evil generation that asks for signs." Why? Because one more sign won’t change a thing! The Defense Rests. *Go to LAUNCH SERMON PLAYER for PDF and YouTube Podcast