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Jesus warned us against participating in the thing that defines most people - including people of faith. It’s judging others. According to Him, when we take it upon ourselves to do that - we have to be willing to be judged in the same way - and with the same measuring stick. Jesus’ warning is that when we judge, we actually place ourselves above those we are judging. And that is a dangerous place to be relationally - especially when our judgment is a matter of opinion - our opinion - and can, in fact, be a sign of pride. And pride is always dangerous. So - what about when we’re in the seat of the defendant, the judged? That happens a lot. We, in fact, do get judged… that we’re not biblical enough, or clean enough, or organized enough, or spiritual enough. That we’re too hard on our kids, too easy on our kids; that we’re too rich - or too poor. On and on it goes… The destructive part of being judged is when it goes inside - and we begin to act - not on what is true, but on what other people say. Sometimes we get defensive - repel every bit of criticism and go after people like a junkyard dog. Sometimes we never ask the question about the voices, the labels. Is it true - at ALL? There comes a point where, to find peace, we have to say, THE DEFENSE RESTS! The only chance for good to come out of a situation where you are unfairly judged is to be quiet sometimes - as Jesus was. And then to say, like Jesus, Father - forgive them because they don’t know what they’re doing! *Go to LAUNCH SERMON PLAYER for PDF and YouTube Podcast