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Is This the End? YES!

Technically, the Last Days began when Jesus, God the Son, was born. Since that time, Jesus has been on the march, bringing life and hope and light - saving us and saving everything else. According to Jesus and all of His prophets, there will be a final confrontation - a showdown between Satan’s corrupt kingdom of deception and darkness - and Jesus’ Kingdom of truth and light. Here’s an image; D-Day didn’t end WW2 - but it did make it clear that the huge, evil Nazi empire was going down. It was just a matter of time. Now, there are a lot of images in Jesus’ words as recorded in Matthew - and recorded by John in Revelation - but they are all intended to create hope, not fear or dread! When something creates fear, dread or confusion - it isn’t from God; it’s from the enemy, and usually the interpretation of a false prophet. Our hope?  Jesus has come to save us and everything else!