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Is this the End? NO!

The END isn’t what you think it is - or what you’ve been frightened into thinking. Maybe the most surprising thing about the End - that is, the end of time, the end of history, the end of things as we know them - is that Jesus said, "don’t know when that will happen and neither do the angels; only the Father!" Now, what’s surprising about this is that Jesus walked on water, raised the dead, could read people’s minds and hearts - and is the One coming back, but didn’t know when it would happen. Why? Maybe we could ask, "Does the Devil read Bible and Prophecy books?" Even though the prophecies of the Jewish Scriptures point out clearly when the Messiah would come, the Devil didn’t fully know what was going on - and all the Bible scholars missed it! And they continued to miss it and deny it - even after it happened. The records simply give us an xray of what’s going on - they’re not a crystal ball; the records serve as a compass - not a road map; the records are intended to bring hope - not fear. Jesus' clearest words about the end are that things will be then - as they were in the days of Noah!