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I want you to think of someone you love – more than you’ve loved anyone in your entire life. They’re not just beautiful and attractive – they’re good, kind, loving – and they’re powerful – so strong that everywhere they go things get better. Would you want them to be honoured? Would you look forward to being with them?
Think of living under the Nazi regime in Europe, 1943. You’ve had people you admired and loved – disappear. You’ve watched the Nazi SS loot everyone, wreck cities – haul millions of people off to be tortured, devalued, starved, abused, then gassed – while SS officers lived in luxury and shot whoever they wanted to shoot. And the Nazi plans were clear – they were going to take over everything!  Everyone would do the goose-step, speak German, and salute a madman! Would you be glad to see the whole, stinking, corrupt regime come down – and it’s architects punished and destroyed? Would you welcome someone who would give their life to SAVE YOU from that?
To love Jesus, to worship Jesus, to believe in Jesus – is to hope, believe, look forward to Him being honoured,