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Pandemics, like the one we’re in, seem to accentuate other difficulties and disappointments we’re already facing. We feel stuck. Some of you – before this even showed up – had to come to a point in your life where something happened – and it was a game-changer. You lost a job – and it’s not fair, but there’s no going back. Or you realized that as hard as you tried, your marriage is over, and there’s nothing you can do about it. You realized that not only is law school – or medical school on hold – it’s never going to happen. Or your business was already weak – and Covid put it down for good. You have a child that’s way off course – and you’ve talked, nagged, pleaded with God – and it doesn’t look like they’re coming home any time soon. And you’re telling Jesus, Now would be a really good time for you to come! But, from what you can see, you’re not getting an answer – and now this… Covid drags on! More infections. More shut-downs. More fear! Does God even care? What do you do in the meantime?