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There’s really no question about Who started the ‘church’, Who gave it it’s name, Who laid out it’s mission, and Who commissioned it to change the world. It was Jesus. And He gave His Name to it – not that we have lived up to it! It wasn’t intended by Jesus to be a cool new religion called Christianity – the religion part actually came afterward in total disregard for the movement He wanted. It was intended to be a growing family that added an infinite number of others by loving them into it as God’s adopted sons and daughters.  It was intended to be the Body of Jesus – doing what He wanted as He loved, graced, forgave, and renewed lives through them. His people – at least some of them – changed the mission by messing with the name He gave, turning it from a gathering of people on mission – to a house of God. That actually turned it from people to a building, a temple, people go to get something from God – to go to heaven when they die. Instead of being a place to give your life away – it became, in some ways, a place to make a deal with God and get what you need. And now? Jesus wants His gathered people back – back to their first love, back on mission – to be the church… not to do church!