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The fear of loss and death has been haunting humankind ever since sin came into the world. Creation is good; the animal kingdom is precious; humankind is capable of amazing compassion and generosity and kindness and brilliance. But we are also capable of unthinkable acts of brutality. We are at our worse when we are afraid; and especially when we are afraid of death and loss. Death, see, steals everything. The alternative – is the hope that death is simply the pause between life…and more life. The peace offered to us from a loving God – in the vulnerable form of a baby boy, is the hope that all good things will be restored. It’s hope. Hope for this life – for whatever comes our way. Hope for eternity – that all things will be restored by the one who grew up to say, “I am the resurrection and the life!” Jesus coming made it clear that death and dying and loss do not win!

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