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Jesus once warned His followers to never start something when there’s no resources and strength to finish. He also warned His followers to not build their lives on a flimsy foundation. The point is that what you are building with your life on will be tested. If you leave things unfinished, you’ll be mocked. But if you don’t have the right foundation – you’ll lose everything. It’s always surprising when people will lay everything on the line to make money, build a client base, prepare astoundingly well for the future – and then leave the absolute foundation for life itself up for grabs. The fact that we die is the most predictable thing about being human. There are significant hints that what lies after death is more profound – and way, way, way longer than what happens before. And yet, with a little discouragement, a few glittering promises, and the temptation to say Yes when we should say No – and we cave! Stop. Throw in the towel. Take a swan dive into the cesspool. It takes GRIT to not go back to the old life, the old ways, the old things we worshiped – that is – in the good ole days!

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