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We like to be comfortable. We fill our calendar with all kinds of things from getting our spiritual ‘needs’ met at church to connecting with all our ‘feel-good’ friends – to heading to the gym. Not bad things, if that’s all you’re aiming for. Then every day our culture prods us to pursue success, wealth and power like they should be our primary targets. More comfort, more status, more stuff. What’s not to like about having it all?
The truth is, all these things can consume us and often lead us away from the heart of God. A heart that loves, a heart that makes sacrifices, a heart that serves without reward. A heart that knows this life is not all there is.
We were created for more.
When we focus on serving others, we shift our attention away from ourselves and towards the needs of those around us. We become more compassionate, more selfless, and more like Christ. Out of that will flow great opportunities to demonstrate and share the good news about Jesus – and it’s then we begin to see the world like He does. The target worth living for comes into view…and with our cooperation, God makes it crystal clear.
Your arrow will hit the mark.