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When God created people, He arranged them in family units.  The integrity and permanence of those family units was critical.  Jesus, with a background in carpentry, described this union as cleaving - or two becoming one. That is what hast to happen to create tables, chairs - or any large flat surface. And then Jesus said that the intent was, "What God has joined together, let no one pull apart." We call it unity. When boards pull apart, when plywood splinters and separates, their purpose gets compromised and people are injured by the sharp edges. Every good carpenter and woodworker knows that to keep things together, wood needs to be glued with really good glue - and then held together by really good clamps. The glue is intended to last even when the clamps are removed. God intends for His gathering of people, His church - to be one! That’s the only way His Church can be useful and help people - or hurt them or let them down! The relational glue for all humans is love. The clamps are God and the community of others around us. God speaks, moves, gives us power and direction. Other people support us in living in peace as far as it depends on us!