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Most people – if they live long enough – experience the pain of regret. In it’s mildest form, it’s running out of gas or getting a flat on an important trip – and realizing that you chose not to renew your CAA card cause, in your words, “It’s a waste of money. I never use it!” In a more profound sense, regret is investing all your money in a beach house in South Carolina – which is hit by a hurricane – which your insurance policy does not cover. Regret is, I wish I had…! Relief is, I’m glad I DID! Jesus, the most profound, powerful, world-changing person who ever lived said, “If you just hear my words – and don’t do them – you will experience the regret of losing all you’ve worked for when the storm comes. Question: Do you think He has the authority to make the signs? Do we have the authority to change the ones we don’t agree with?  If not – well, that has implications for our lives – and for a culture that thinks the signs can be ignored.

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