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Toward the end of His mission here – and right before His death, Jesus’ disciples – the ones who had laid their lives on the line to follow Him, were still hoping for the kind of greatness held by Herod, Caesar Augustus and all the other kings and conquerors who have ever lived. Jesus’ shocking revelation was, “That’s your plan – not mine – and it’s fueled by all the wrong kinds of things. It’s all about you – YOUR greatness, YOUR egos, YOUR grand future! True greatness is about serving others! And if you miss that, you will never be great!” And that’s just the way it is – and it’s the way it still is. There is no greatness, no reward, no personal growth, no development as a disciple and follower of Jesus, and no “Well done” in your eternal future – without serving. It always boils down to being God’s servant, doing what He asks – with your whole heart – and serving others on His behalf. And that means that we have to initiate, engage, give ourselves to Jesus’ mission. Honestly? What do you have going on that’s more important than that?