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Hope came quietly on the night before Christmas. Well, quietly compared to the way rescues usually sound. No one close to Jesus’ entry would’ve ever guessed that the ultimate Saviour and Hero had come – would change everything for good, even though He started small. As in, about 6 pounds, wet, wrinkled, vulnerable and helpless. Looking back now over the past 2000 years, it’s pretty clear that He changed everything! And that is just the start! He changed the impact of sin on our lives; people who were ashamed of their lives and track record – found hope. People whose lives were scarred by injustice – found the hope and freedom of forgiveness and the ability to forgive. Tyrants lost their most potent weapon – fear. And the archenemy of everything good found out that his enigma machine had been compromised. Hope is being adopted by, loved by, and cared for by Abba! Hope is being forgiven by the person who knows the most about our scummy past! Hope is having a broken life – and knowing the One who knows where all the pieces are – and how to put them all together! Hope is God humbling Himself – for us.
The Night before Christmas ended when Jesus showed up in the morning light. He delivered what He’d always promised: HOPE.