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We live in a very confusing time – relationally. You’d think that with the thousands of years that men and women have been falling in love, getting married, dealing with in-laws… and out-laws, raising children, facing problems and finding our way – we’d have this figured out. The section on family stuff in bookstores and on the internet is jammed solid with advice and weird new theories.  But it seems like we’re getting more confused. I mean, there’s a lot of pain in this part of life. Think about technology – does it help? Not much, really.
Over time we either realize that all relationships have been affected by sin and selfishness – or we just keep breaking things and wondering “What happened?” With humility, patience, God’s powerful love and grace, a peace-seeking heart, and God’s gift to people who hurt each other – forgiveness – almost any relationship can be made less painful – and sometimes, healed!

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