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here’s a fascinating new TV/Netflix series called The Chosen. As I watch it, it makes me want to be like Jesus! As the disciples, The Chosen are revealed and introduced one by one, the former disciple of John the Baptist, Nathaniel, says to Philip, “It looks like your new Rabbi, Jesus, has the same death wish as old Rabbi, John the Baptist.” Looking at Jesus’ life from a distance it does seem like He has a death wish! He did things that He knew would create a problem! When He could’ve backed off and saved His own life – He didn’t. When you look at the big picture, it’s not real surprising that Jesus’ ended up on a cross! It wasn’t a death wish as such – but it was the only path to life – for everyone. To choose a path that you know leads to crucifixion – and apparent failure in the eyes of everyone who’s watching – takes incredible courage. But… Jesus did know WHY He was dying!