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Everyone’s different, but we all have enemies. Jesus had some very specific things to say about how we treat enemies. The world system tells us to treat others as they treat us – or to make them wish they hadn’t messed with us. That is the bottom line theme in just about every action movie. Maybe the most difficult transformation of all is having our minds renewed in how we see – and then how we treat our enemies. The writers of Scripture are clear that there’s a whole array of worldly weapons we can use to get our enemies – and that there are spiritual weapons we can use.  Weapons like spite, angry outbursts, slander, revenge, grudges, and sabotage may seem like they’re working. But when push comes to shove – they don’t workHaving our minds renewed in this area is likely the first step toward victory… and God’s gift of peace! *Go to LAUNCH SERMON PLAYER for Vimeo Podcast, MP3 Audio and PDF File