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Most people would be terrified of the prospect of being hand-cuffed and chained in a prison cell – for themselves or someone they love. But we will dabble in it – just for kicks, or out of curiosity. See, on the slavery highway – there are on ramps and exit ramps.The on ramps are wide and disguised as a kind of pleasurable afternoon trip. A diversion. The exit ramps are hard to find. It feels cool to dabble in talking smack about people – and feel the ego surge and power that pride brings. Buying stuff you can’t afford – or clicking onto a porn site brings a surge of adrenaline. Smoking weed or getting drunk for the first time makes you think, “What’s the big deal with trying it?” Sex, whatever it’s nature or twist, brings an addictive intensity – and in a world of, “Hey, it’s my body…!” apparently not a big deal.” Over time – as anyone who’s lived long enough knows – this stuff wraps around our lives. The more we twist and turn, the more tangled we get – and the more ashamed we are. God wants His people to be free!

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