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If you look up the word, ‘cultivate’ you’d see that in today’s language it means, “to improve or develop by careful attention, training, or study; to devote time and thought to.” The kind of fruit we’re talking about cultivating is love, joy, peace and patience. The Bible tells us to go deeper and discover the life-changing power of the fruit of the Spirit. It won’t happen all at once – it will take time, effort, and lots of prayer. Like, if you planted an apple tree in your backyard, would you expect to be baking a pie that night? Probably not – unless you made a trip to the grocery store. And, like a tree – when you grow by allowing God to change your heart over time, when you give Him permission to pull the weeds and prune the branches, when you intentionally pursue and practice love, joy, peace and patience, you’ll be amazed by the harvest… and how He will change the world through you!