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My wife, Lori, has an idea for a book and has been gathering material and thinking about it, planning it – for a long time. It’s about all the pieces – sometimes broken pieces that make up our lives. And they just look like a shattered glass or the junk pile from a pottery factory… until you connect the dots. Most of us never find all the dots, but we begin to see a pattern. And that pattern says that God has been creating a magnificent story – drawing a breathtaking picture with all the dots that make up our lives.
The Bible – pretty much all 1300 or so pages of it, covering thousands of years of history, contains most of those dots. From wanderers to crusty prophets to kings and advisors to Moms and kids – the beautiful story of creation, tragedy, hope, disappointment, failure, forgiveness and redemption is told. We are not told everything; God still has His secrets. But we know… we know… it will all end in triumph! Better than it ever should.