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Most of us, on the day after Christmas, have a MESS to clean up. Some of us just ignore it and go shopping - Hey, it’s BOXING DAY! And after Christmas we all need more stuff, right? Truth is, the messes after Christmas vary in size and shape. Some are mainly just wrapping paper and leftovers. For some, the mess is way different - and it was there before Christmas even started. For some - it’s emotional; there’s a build-up to Christmas and then a let-down. For most of us, the mess after Christmas involves bills we need to pay, for the presents we gave. Presents that actually still belong to Amazon, Canadian Tire, The Bay, Visa, or Mastercard. In our greater story, the mess after Christmas involved Herod and the political powers out to kill off any threats to His power. It involved Mary and Joseph resolving the mess that, in Nazareth, still looked like pregnancy out of wedlock - a scandal. What we see, though, is this pattern with Joseph - it’s night, Joseph has a dream - and then he has to take action. Once again, it’s like God is reading Herod’s encrypted messages. And that brings hope! God cares about our messes, He knows the future - and He reads everyone’s mail. No weapon formed against you will prosper! And that includes everything - even Covid.