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When there is a huge hidden strategy – covert operations – and a massive strategic deployment of troops, we expect headlines! Large print; We interrupt this program to bring you the lastest news! In the Spring of 4-6 BC, the estimated year this all took place – it was quiet – truly a Silent Night. In the privacy of nothing more than a shed, the faint cry of a baby cut through the still night air. And that was it! We know now, and believe – that God made His entrance.  But apart from the sky being lit up by angels – given a private concert for some angels – there was no fanfare. Later, Magi would come and give their perspective… and their gifts. And that would disturb an old, diseased, paranoid king. But then Mary and Joseph and this new baby would slip into Egypt, their wave-making story would slip into the footnotes, and Rome would go on crushing and running the world. Nothing changed – and yet as the story moved through that century – and to the 2nd and the 3rd and the 4th – down to the 21st – it’s clear that everything changed! And yet for those who’ve heard and read and sung the story for years – nothing has changed. Ever. The battle against evil continues to roll through our planet like a giant snowball – picking up speed – and victims. Nothing’s changed – and yet everything has changed. The good news is that everyone’s story – you know, the one we’ve decided ourselves into – can change! Or… not.