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I’m always a little shocked when I see reality shows that feature a bunch of wannabe brides going after one particularly desirable bachelor – or the same in reverse with guys trying to win one very desirable bachelorette. Part of me wonders, “Why would you dumb down something that is so potentially beautiful – or dangerous!  Would you do this if you were locked and loaded for the rest of your life? With no exit strategy? No chance of parole – do not pass go, do not collect $200?!
Grit – 
in the relational world – is seen in two things; understanding that the passion, love, that drives the creation of a marriage and a family – is not enough on it’s own; for relationships to last and be healthy, it takes perseverance. That is – you do whatever it takes – pay whatever you need to pay – forgive what you need to forgive – admit what you need to admit and swallow what pride you have left to keep things together! When Hernan Cortes landed in the new world in 1519, he knew they were facing danger and extreme difficulty. To make sure everyone stayed in the game, he ordered, Burn the Boats! There was no exit strategy! Either they succeeded – or they died trying!

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