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Honestly, everyone craves it – and we know the famous song about it. Ironically the author, John Newton, sold 20,000 people and their descents into a future without it! We still live in a world that is largely devoid of it – too big for people to get into their heads.  And yet there are rumors of it. And that’s why people who catch a glimpse of Jesus’ gathered people – who don’t show it, are so puzzled. Admittedly – it is too big to understand. Why would the very One who could make sure everyone gets precisely what they deserve – not give THAT to them? Why would He instead choose pain, rejection and humiliation for Himself – so we get what we would never deserve? We know the stories Jesus told – about a son who blew the family fortune and came home looking for a job – and got his life back! About a guy who amassed a level of debt we can’t possible imagine, and when he asked for mercy – got grace! No one wants to live in a graceless world or drop into a graceless eternity. And there’s always a twist in Jesus’ stories about grace – and that twist calls us up short. Some are too proud to receive it – I mean, it’s like the best gift ever that sits under the Christmas tree – wrapped, offered and yet rejected. Jesus gathered people sometimes gladly receive the gift – and become pre-occupied with it, and love to hear more and more about it –  but are unwilling to pass it on. Everything God gives to us and offers to us because of His breathtaking, beautiful AMAZING GRACE – is absolutely unlimited – and is intended to be shared by those who know and love Him!