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We all have happy moments in life when it seems like every thing we planned for and dreamed of is happening. When it comes to fingerprints, we look for our own! See, we’d love to take credit for the wins, the kudos, the wise planning, the natural talent that saved the day or made the day. And, of course, God’s fingerprints are always clear when things like that happen. When Jesus arrived in Jerusalem and the crowd thundered His praises, the Disciples – the people who’d been with Jesus all along looked at each other, smiled, high-fived, and said, “See – we were right! And we’re getting in on the bottom floor of this new Kingdom! It was easy to have hope and feel joyful. And God does give us those kinds of days. We need them! But Fall and Winter has this way of creeping into, and erasing the final days of Summer.

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