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Good Friday – in seasonal terms, is winter. It’s cold, dark, frozen and lifeless. No one asks, “Where’s God?” when times are happy, the fam is doing just fine, the money’s rolling in, and things are tracking up and to the right. But when it all crashes and burns, when the winter season of life hits, we ask multiple times – usually every hour, “So, where’s God?” Even Jesus asked that from the cross the day He was crucified. The disciples who were so eager to be close to Jesus — just five days before, were nowhere to be found.
Good Friday was like 9-11 at the twin towers; it was like Paris when the Nazi’s roared in; it was like the news we all got about a month ago, “It’s time to PANIC – cause there’s a PANDEMIC.” And suddenly, our money is worth less, the NBA, NHL, and all other games, movies, theaters, restaurants, and schools are shut down. Social people are told to do their socializing on social media.  That’s it! Our investments lose value; our RSP’s lose momentum – and suddenly we feel this familiar, but very uncomfortable feeling inside – called fear. And that feeling leads to other worse things – like anger, and panic and despair.
If God’s finger prints are on this (and they’re everywhere), what in the world could He be up to? Do we need to find someone to blame – and is that someone God?

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