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We all jump at some point. I don’t know, maybe the last time you jumped was in 2nd grade. It could happen! But I’m guessing you’ve jumped since then. Before you jump into the unknown, it’s always, ALWAYS wise to know what you’re jumping into – and what the consequences could be. If you’re jumping into a lake, you need to know where the rocks are and how deep the water is. If you’re jumping out of a plane, you need to ask, “Who packed my parachute? Was it a friend or enemy? When you make a decision, you jump. If you decide to take a job and move your family to Syria or Vietnam or Beijing – that’s a big jump, but it’s fairly mechanical. There are financial factors, family factors, cultural factors and practical questions; you can do some investigation and make a decent decision. But even then – you have to ask the right questions! And that’s the deal. To get the right answers and make the right decisions, you have to ask the right questions!  Our regrets always are linked to making poor decisions! Poor decisions can permanently alter our lives…so, asking the right questions always leads to better decisions. And better decisions lead to a better, much happier future!