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In every great story there’s a great cast of characters – all very different from each other. There are the ordinary people, the villains – sometimes a super villain, victims – and, of course the heroes and heroines. In the Christmas story you find all of these. In the larger story there is a super-villain and a SUPER-HERO. The odd thing about the Christmas story, though, is that the super-hero and super-villain are disguised and unseen. It’s also surprising, in this story, that there are no flashy entrances – no people who are ‘Great-at’… as the obvious main characters. Only ordinary people living unspectacular lives – who choose greatness by choosing to serve. And some of the leading roles are played by people you’d never expect. And some of the most spectacular, bigger-than-life people, play almost invisible roles. Only God could gather a cast like this… and that gives HOPE to unspectacular people like me and you!