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Our mission here at the Olive Branch is “To build a community of people transformed by the Good News of Jesus and committed to having a transforming impact on our world – being Good News wherever we find ourselves.” It all starts with transformation.
Giving doesn’t just come from our hands – it comes from our heart first. When we give out of a transformed heart, we are giving back to God. Not to earn anything, but out of gratitude for what HE has given us. It’s only then we can begin to see the bigger picture. That it’s NOT just about us. Surprised? Every soul on this planet matters to God. And here’s some more good news. While we’re in the process of changing our hearts – we get to join Jesus in HIS mission! Sound a little scary and overwhelming? Sometimes it is… but that’s when we can lean into Him – trusting that He already knows the person we will become and what our impact will be. So… are you ready to trust Jesus? Are you ready for a change of heart?