The word bless is a word that seems to be used most often in circles that involve God. There’s a reason for that; a blessing is a gift; it’s something good that one person gives to another – and it starts with God. To bless is to leave people and places better than you found them! God let everyone know early on, that His intent was to bless all nations through sending His Son. And when Jesus came, He did. He blessed the nations by offering them, through his people, the blessing of forgiveness, love, mercy, kindness – and a fresh start. That’s why the message Jesus passed on was called the Good News. Our calling at The Olive Branch, as followers of Jesus of Nazareth – is to be Good News wherever we go; to leave people, places, organizations, schools – everyone and everything – better, because we were there and loved and served in the name of Jesus.

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Prayer: for your needs, for others – and for the needs of our community – and beyond!
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