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The biggest struggle we have as humans is with the word ENOUGH.
Enough is never ENOUGH! 

In a famous TV interview years ago, J. Paul Getty - certainly one of the richest men in the world of that day - was asked, "If you could have anything you want, what would it be?" His answer was, "More money!" If a person is addicted to alcohol or drugs or porn - the answer to the question is always more. For fishermen, it’s more and bigger fish! For a foodie, it’s more diversity and flavour - the best of the best. For iPhone addicts - it’s more gigs, more pixels, more data and more apps. For people who struggle with aging, it’s more and better cosmetics - or more cosmetic surgery. The elusive supplier of enough (which is, in and of itself, a myth) is more cash. In total and complete defiance of the principle, "more will make me happy" is David, who said in Psalm 23, "The Lord is my Shepherd… I have all I need." (Psalm 23:1 NLT) And then Paul takes it a step further in his chapter on peace in Philippians 4. He says, "I have learned the secret of being content, whether… living in plenty or in want."  Learning that secret is, I believe, the key to happiness! And learning how to manage and live on what we have - as we must in a world of credit - is critical to life, critical to generosity, and critical to having peace with our money.

Sunday January 10 @ 10 am
Speaker: Ken Davis

Contentment Costs How Much?

(Philippians 4:10-14)
You may be surprised to know that your problem is not about having enough money. We live in a culture where debt is not only rampant; it is the monster that stalks the majority of those who live in this crazy 2021 world. We go in debt - because our system knows exactly how to lure us into discontent. See, we don’t usually have a problem with money; we have a problem with discontentment. And discontentment is an itch that can’t be scratched no matter how much money and stuff you throw at it... but there is a better way!

Sunday January 17 @ 10 am
Speaker: Ken Davis

How Debt Sabotages Contentment

(Romans 13:7-8, Proverbs 22:7)
Houston, we've got a problem! Our culture not only promotes discontentment, it produces an entangling, deceptive solution: credit/debt. Lending institutions know the truth of Proverbs, that the borrower becomes the servant of the lender. We need to wise up and use it against them and for us!

Sunday January 24 @ 10 am
Speaker: Ken Davis

Money Can Be a Really Good Thing!

(Philippians 4:14-23)
There's certainly plenty of teaching - and phenomenal illustrations of how destructive money can be... but when it gets harnessed and used properly, it's amazing what God can do!

Sunday January 31 @ 10 am
Speaker: Ken Davis

The Real Problem With Giving Your Money Away Is?

(Philippians 4:14-23)
Our struggle with giving, with tithing is one of unbelief. We don't really believe that when we let go, release our grip - not only does what we have in our hands get transformed, God then is able to fill our hands once again. If we could see the immensity of giving - and what it means for eternity - we wouldn’t hesitate one bit! Do you have to guts to trust God?