The sense that you belong is one of the most profound experiences humans can have. To sense that you are both known and loved – that you are important – that someone thinks about you and misses you when you’re not around, is one of the most meaningful experiences in life. Truth is, we were created to love and belong to God, and to love and belong to one another. Loving, accepting and including others is at the core of who we are as followers of Jesus. We take this sense of belonging very seriously at The Olive Branch. We want every child who comes to Kids Branch to sense that they are accepted – and belong. We want every student who comes to Encounter Youth – from public school to university, to sense that they are loved and noticed. We want everyone who comes to The Olive Branch to be loved and accepted – to belong to the larger gatherings and, very quickly, to a smaller gathering, too. Everyone needs to sense that they belong before it feels safe to believe.

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