What is worship?
Jesus calls us to enter into a personal relationship with Him. Worship is a part of the communication process in that relationship. As followers of Christ, we believe that we
worship Him with all our lives – whether we’re at home, work, school… or even at church!

What does a typical Sunday Service @ The Olive Branch look like?
The first thing the Bible says is: In the beginning God created… We believe that God delights in creativity and our worship is an expression of that belief. During a Service, through music and visual arts – and hearing God’s Word spoken, we explore what it means to engage in a close relationship with God and honour Him as our Father and Creator. It’s not about putting on the best show in town – or being a spectator. It’s about ordinary people gathering together to know God and be part of His Mission in this world. It’s about praying together, serving together, supporting one another and growing in our own faith journey.
And then there’s the music… when several hundred people join together and sing praise to God – what takes place is almost unexplainable. Not only does it bring honour to Him – He somehow blesses us in return and speaks to our lives through it. It is truly amazing.

But that’s just the beginning…

Because we want to be part of what God is doing in the world and we believe that every part of our lives are ‘worship’ to Him – when we leave the actual church building and scatter into our different worlds thoughout the week, we have the opportunity to live out our faith and calling in life. We believe that it honours God when we are Good News – that we have a choice to bring hope and light wherever we find ourselves each day.

What’s the catch?
There’s absolutely, positively no catch. The Olive Branch is a place to come and join with people who are seeking to further understand who Jesus is and what He said about life – and how we should live it. For some people the Sunday Morning Service might serve as a time of rest and contemplation… or an opportunity to give praise to God in a safe place of community and hope. Regardless, all are welcome at The Olive Branch!