When a baby comes into the world, the parents – and everyone else, wonder what all lies under the surface of that tiny life! Becoming the person that you have been given all the raw materials and opportunities to become, is a lifelong quest. And this is not just about developing your mind and your body; it’s also about your soul. The soul has infinite value – because it outlives the body and brain. We believe that all people are a combination of both good and bad, both cooperativeness… and stubbornness. Our plan is to cooperate with God in giving every person the dignity they need, the teaching they need, the opportunities they need – and the support they need to become the Person God had in mind when He created them – and to make a solid difference in this world!

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Roots Small Groups
Kids Branch [birth to grade 6]
Encounter Youth [grades 7-12]
RKLS MVMT [young adults]
TOB Ministry Partnership